Funded Research Projects

Supervised Doctoral Dissertations

  • Gopi Chand, Nutakki, “A framework for text clustering and adaptive topic tracking on social media data streams” (PhD. Dec. 2017), currently at Western Kentucky University.
  • Behnoush, Abdollahi, “Accurate and justifiable : new algorithms for explainable recommendations” (PhD. Aug. 2017), currently a Post Doctoral Researcher at University of Louisville.
  • Mahsa, Badami, “Peeking into the other half of the glass : handling polarization in recommender systems” (PhD. May. 2017), currently at Apple Inc.
  • Abdullin, Artur, “An Inter-Domain Supervision Framework for Collaborative Clustering of Data with Mixed Types” (PhD. Dec. 2013), currently at Facebook.
  • Hawwash, Basheer, “STREAM-DASHBOARD: A Big Data Stream Clustering Framework with Applications to Social Media Streams” (PhD. May. 2013), currently at Quintiles.
  • Durak, Nurcan, “ Coronal Loop Detection from Solar Images and Extraction of Salient Contour Groups from Cluttered Images” (PhD. Aug. 2011).
    • Currently at RocketFuel (after a postdoc at Sandia National Labs).
    • Won second place at Grand Finals of ACM Research Competitions 2011.
  • Esin Saka, “Swarm Intelligence for Clustering Dynamic Data Sets for Web Usage Mining and Personalization” (PhD. Dec. 2011), currently at Microsoft Search & Advertising.
  • Leyla Zhuhadar, “Automated Discovery, Categorization, and Retrieval of Personalized Semantically Enriched E-Learning Resources” (PhD. 2009), currently an Assistant Professor at Western Kentucky University.
  • Carlos Rojas, “Pattern Discovery from Evolving Transactional Data Streams” (PhD. 2009), currently at Nokia Labs (after a postdoc at Oak Ridge National Labs).
  • Zhiyong Zhang, “Focused Image Search in the Social Web” (PhD. 2008), currently at Apple Inc. (after four years at Yahoo Inc).
  • Elizabeth Leon, “Scalable and Adaptive Evolutionary Clustering for Noisy and Dynamic Data” (PhD. 2005), currently Assistant Professor at National University of Colombia.

Supervised Masters Thesis

  • Ankita Sahu, “An interactive interface for nursing robots”, 2017. (Co-supervised with Dr. Dan Popa, ECE)
  • A. Cagla Acun Sener, “A data science pipeline for educational data: A case study using learing catalytics in the active learning classroom”, 2017.
  • Aneseh Alvanpour, “Uncovering Exceptional Predictions Using Exploratory Analysis of Second Stage Machine Learning”, May 2017.
  • Nick A. Miles, “Architecture Analysis of Peer-To-Peer Network Structure And Data Exchanges For Distribution of Contraband Material”, 2010, currently at Tenable Network Security.
  • Derek Reese, “Dynamic Probe Positioning Within Peer-To-Peer Networks For Mining Contraband File Exchanges”, 2010, currently at Humana.
  • Heba Elgazzar, “Data Mining Approach To Detect Solar Loops”, 2007, continued to PhD.
  • Basheer Hawwesh, “Mining and Tracking Evolving Web User Trends from Very Large Web Server Logs”, 2008, continued to PhD.
  • Pavuluri, Mrudula, “A Study of New Intelligent Recommender Systems for Web Personalization”, 2004 (University of Memphis)
  • Rojas, Carlos, “Clustering using a Robust Estimator”, 2004 (University of Memphis), continued to PhD.
  • Cardona, Cesar, “A New Immune System Model to Cluster Data Streams”, 2004 (University of Memphis), currently at Lexis Nexis. He is currently a National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellow at University of Chicago (after several years at ChoicePoint and LexisNexis).
  • Goswami, Suchandra, “A Generalized Framework for Discovering Localized Error Tolerant Frequent Patterns using Dynamic Error Tolerance”, 2004 (University of Memphis), continued to PhD.
  • Leon, Elizabeth, “Investigation of New Evolutionary Clustering Models and application to Unsupervised Anomaly Detection”. Spring 2004 (University of Memphis), continued to PhD.
  • Petenes, Christopher, “An Intelligent Web Personalization System with a Fuzzy Recommendation Engine”, 2003 (University of Memphis), currently at Mallory Alexander International Logistics.

Supervised Masters Projects

  • Cerwinske, Jeff, “Investigation of a Real time Recommender System based on Mining Evolving Web Clickstreams”
  • Parupudi, Kiran, “Text Clustering Analysis of Web Snippets from Yahoo Search Results”.
  • Noru, Madan, “ Clustering of Nucleotide Gene Sequences using Hierarchical Unsupervised Niche Clustering ”.
  • Yarramsetti, Ravi , “An Integrated Tool for Hierarchical Unsupervised Niche Clustering”
  • Jammi, Snigdha, “Web Usage Mining with Kohonen’s Self Organizing Feature Maps”.
  • Ealla, Vidyasagar, “Java Implementation of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Data and Web Mining”
  • Dakuri, Ratna, “Web Usage Mining – Association Rules Discovery from World Wide Web Transactions”
  • Dunna, Satish, “Design of an Optimal Classifier for Automatic Web Recommendations”.
  • Nibbaragandla, Kiran, “An Intelligent Web Agent for Automatic Taxonomy Generation”.
  • Vishnubhatla, Venkat, “Data Mining of the ACT and Enrollment Data at the University of Memphis”.
  • Tiruvanallur, Gautam, “Design of a Flexible Web Log Preprocessing System”.
  • Valluripari, Chakradar, “VHDL Design of an Artificial Immune System Prototype”.

Supervised Undergraduate Projects

  • Shaver, Billy, “Keyword Search in a Text Corpus”

Supervised Undergraduate Research

  • Garrett Ridge: “Principal Curve Extraction from Solar Images”
    • Honorable Mention by Computing Research Association (CRA) for outstanding undergraduate research.
    • Winner: Best poster at Speed School’s Engineering Expo.
    • Currently Doctoral fellow at UCLA.
  • Roger Mendes: “Feature Extraction for Coronal Loop Mining”
  • David Chase Childers: “Web Personalization with Open Source Search and Indexing Software”. He is currently at Amazon after an internship at Apple.
  • Gurmit Kaur: “Dynamic Visualization of Swarm-based Clustering”
  • Mihir Kotwal: “A Cloud-Based Framework for Web Usage Mining”