RET Teacher Developed Lesson Plans for High School and Middle School Curricula


First Name Last Name Subject Curriculum Module Implementation Date
Joyce Brooks Precalculus Function Analysis and Applications of the Derivative Winter 2109
Arlene Crabtree AP Computer Science Principles What is a Recommender System and Why Do I Need to Know About Them? Fall 2018
Emir Dizdarevic AP Computer Science Translating Voice Command in Natural Language to Computing Machine Language, Computer Vision, and other Machine Learning Winter 2019
Andrew Kemp Chemistry Simple Spectrophotometry Laboratory with Data Analysis Fall 2018
Terri Kurtz AP Computer Science Principles Explainable Recommender System for Coffee Shops Winter 2019
Mollie Mason 6th grade Science Algorithm Creation using Sudoku Puzzles Fall 2018
Jere Minter Cyber Engineering Leave of absence due to health reasons Fall 2019 (anticipated)
Aneesah Nu’Man AP Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science Principles with English Language Learners Spring 2019
Katie Perraut 7th grade Science Using programmable Sphero Mini Robots with student-designed mazes and systems modeling Fall 2018