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NSF CAREER: New Clustering Algorithms Based on Robust Estimation and Genetic Niches

with Applications to Web Usage Mining

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This project is supported by National Science Foundation under grant NSF IIS-0533317



Outreach Activities

The Knowledge Discovery and Web Mining Lab is an enthusiastic participant in several outreach activities that aim to increase interest and promote diversity in computer engineering and computer science among children and young students of all ages.

Some supported outreach activities include occasional Science Fair visits to local schools as well as other more elaborate programs as illustrated below:

* INSPIRE - Increasing Student Preparedness and Interest in the Requisites for Engineering in 2008: INSPIRE is a program to provide an introduction to engineering to female and minority students in Louisville-area high schools.

More information can be found at:

* Girls Career day at the University of Louisville in 2006 and 2008.

Girl Career Day is a yearly outreach program that invites girls from all local high schools to Speed School of Engineering to introduce them to the benefits of a career in the Engineering domain.

Our lab has participated by hosting these girls in the lab with presentations, demos, and activities related to computer engineering and computer science, including highlights and demos from our research projects and their applications.




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