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Olfa Nasraoui

Associate Professor and Endowed Chair of E-Commerce
Dept. of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

phone: (502) 852-0191
e-mail: olfa . nasraoui @ louisville . edu
home page: http://webmining.spd.louisville.edu/

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  • Leon, Elizabeth, "Scalable and Adaptive Evolutionary Clustering for Noisy and Dynamic Data ", completed Aug. 2005 (currently Assistant Professor at National University of Colombia).
  • Zhang, Zhiyong, "Focused Image Search in the Social Web",  completed 2008 (currently at Yahoo! Inc.).
  • Rojas, Carlos, "Learning from Evolving Transactional Data Streams ", completed Dec. 2009 (currently Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Oakridge National Labs).
  • Saka, Esin, "Swarm-based Clustering and Visualization for Web usage Mining", proposal passed, in candidacy toward final dissertation defense.
  • Zhuhadar, Leyla, "Automated Discovery, Categorization and Retrieval of Personalized Semantically
    Enriched E-learning Resources", completed Dec. 2009 (currently Research Scientist at Western Kentucky University & Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Louisville).
  • Nurcan Durak, TBD.
  • Sofiane Sellah, TBD.
  • Basheer Hawwash, TBD.


  • Petenes, Christopher, “ An Intelligent Web Personalization System with a Fuzzy Recommendation Engine” .
  • Pavuluri, Mrudula, “ A Study of New Intelligent Recommender Systems for Web Personalization”.
  • Rojas, Carlos, “Clustering using a Robust Estimator”.
  • Cardona, Cesar, “A New Immune System Model to Cluster Data Streams”.
  • Goswami, Suchandra, “A Generalized Framework for Discovering Localized Error Tolerant Frequent Patterns using Dynamic Error Tolerance”.
  • Leon, Elizabeth, “ Investigation of New Evolutionary Clustering Models and application to Unsupervised Anomaly Detection”.
  • Basheer Hawwash, "Mining and Tracking Evolving Web User Trends from Very Large Web Server Logs"


  • Cerwinske, Jeff, “Investigation of a Real time Recommender System based on Mining Evolving Web Clickstreams �
  • Parupudi, Kiran, “Text Clustering Analysis of Web Snippets from Yahoo Search Results”.
  • Noru, Madan, “ Clustering of Nucleotide Gene Sequences using Hierarchical Unsupervised Niche Clustering ”.
  • Yarramsetti, Ravi , “An Integrated Tool for Hierarchical Unsupervised Niche Clustering”
  • Jammi, Snigdha, “Web Usage Mining with Kohonen’s Self Organizing Feature Maps”.
  • Ealla, Vidyasagar, “Java Implementation of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Data and Web Mining”
  • Dakuri, Ratna, “Web Usage Mining – Association Rules Discovery from World Wide Web Transactions”
  • Dunna, Satish, “Design of an Optimal Classifier for Automatic Web Recommendations”.
  • Nibbaragandla, Kiran, “An Intelligent Web Agent for Automatic Taxonomy Generation”.
  • Vishnubhatla, Venkat, “Data Mining of the ACT and Enrollment Data at the University of Memphis”.
  • Tiruvanallur, Gautam, “Design of a Flexible Web Log Preprocessing System”.
  • Valluripari, Chakradar, “VHDL Design of an Artificial Immune System Prototype”.


Shaver, Billy, “Keyword Search in a Text Corpus”





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